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A pioneer in the modernized industry of rice, Mr. A.M. Makkar Pillai was the first to come up with the thought of branded rice. Paving the path for a revolution in rice industry in Kerala he started Metro Rice way back in 1967. The company started as a family business, focusing on selection of finest paddy for manufacture of rice. That business grew considerably, especially over the last decade, to become a highly regarded rice mill in Kerala. Committed to delivering the highest quality rice for both export and domestic use, his mission was that whatever produced – had to sell on the table. The superiority of the produce enabled him to achieve commendable sales by this methodology. This practice is still the trade mark of metro group of companies. Even today in the competitive world of rice trade in Kerala, Metro Group relies more on Table Sales than though Marketing Agents.

Surabhi Rice Mills which established Metro Rice Mills as the biggest rice mills in Kerala with significant exporting activities to the Gulf Arabian Countries (GAC's). These mills have a considerable production capacity, which is constantly augmented with the help of installations in production equipment.

Located in Kalady – The Rice City of Kerala – Metro Group is the premier manufacturer, prominent dealer and exporter of rice in Kerala today.


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